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featured design  /  2017


Crafted, welded, and finished by hand from solid bronze with removable high-polished stainless steel dishes – this Passover Seder Tray is designed to be a contemporary heirloom piece that can be be used year round for food service or as a display piece for the home. 


contemporary heirloom

This Seder Tray physically elevates the foods that are showcased during the traditional Passover seder. 

Made from a single sheet of bronze,  the modern form of the Seder Tray echoes the parting of the seas - the central miracle in the Passover story. 

The stainless steel dishes can be passed around the table in order to distribute the displayed foods to participants in the Passover seder. 

“This Seder Tray has has an industrial appeal but also exudes a sense of luxury” explains the designer Lizzie Katz. “The industrial appeal comes from the generous use of quality mixed metals. And it feels luxurious because it bears the marks of hand craftsmanship, so uncommon and refreshing now days.” 

Why bronze and stainless steel? Katz explains that “this uncommon combination of metals is beautiful and relatively low maintenance.”

“People in my generation are not interested in polishing silver. Stainless steel is an industrial and beautiful alternative.”

And as for the material choice of bronze, which is conventionally associated with sculpture; “it is hypnotic and helps in my mission to design useful objects that are elevated to the status of art.”

DIMENSIONS: 19" Wide 7.25" Deep and 4" Tall


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This menorah sculpture is the product of many years of prototyping and exploration into 2D to 3D digital design processes. Its form is an ultra modern interpretation of the classic Chanukah menorah form, but the material choice of bronze is meant to give the menorah a sense of timelessness.

All of the arms of the menorah branch from the same sheet of metal, just like the Jewish people share a common origin. The form of this object is rooted in tradition, yet it was created using contemporary technology – a reminder that Jewish tradition thrives and adapts amidst modernity.

This menorah can be displayed year round, and is also functional for its intended ritual use. This is a limited edition of one hundred.







Elizabeth "Lizzie" Katz is a 32 year old Jewish American designer raised in Miami, Florida. After receiving her undergraduate degree from the University of Florida, she graduated from Florida International University with her Masters in Architecture (MArch) in 2012. She has since worked as an architectural designer, and also in museum and gallery settings, in both the United States and in Israel. 

Lizzie currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is passionate about making Jewish ritual objects that are relevant and exciting to her contemporaries. Her interest in modern digital design and fabrication processes (including 3D printers and laser cutters), combined with her love for materiality and hand craftsmanship, make her designs unique and appealing to wide audiences.